On August 6, 2009, Roenick announced his retirement from the National Hockey League.
Roenick finished his career having scored 513 goals and 703 assists in 1,363 games, for a total of 1,216 points.

The San Jose Sharks Organization hosted a classy Retirement News Conference for Roenick. This day was a celebration of the end of a career that pushed USA Hockey to the top and a career that was consistently putting the NHL in the spotlight for his moves on and off the ice.

He played the game hard and he is that player that fans all across the globe will miss because of that.

Since Jeremy Roenick’s retirement

Jeremy was an analyst for NBC Sports 2010 – 2019, His career as an analyst kicked off working for NBC ‘s network coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics where he acted as the counterpart with Mike Milbury and Keith Jones. Jeremy brought his colorful personality and controversial opinions to the airwaves making him one of Hockeys favorite television personalities.

Charitable work has always been a big part of Jeremy’s life, traveling North America supporting many causes helping to raise money and awareness. Jeremy has been a leader in helping raise money for the and

Jeremy travels the Globe for Speaking engagements, autograph signings and Corporate Events.