I Love Golf

I learned to play golf as a young kid. I eventually became a caddy and then played varsity golf as a Freshman at Thayer Academy. I became obsessed with the game. In my 20’s while playing for Chicago, I was invited to Celebrity Golf Tournaments. I was a scratch golfer by then, loved to compete, but I was too emotional when I played. Over time, and many rounds of golf later, I learned to control my emotions and I became even better. I was so obsessed with playing whenever I could that I actually became quite a scammer — Right after my kids were born, I would always get up and feed Brandi and Brett in the middle of the night, every night, and let my wife Tracy sleep so I could get a hall pass and leave early in the morning to play 18.

I have been fortunate to play in the Drew Brees Golf Tournament each year and my favorite is playing in the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe every year since 1991.  I love it and I am determined to win it.

Although I have been a member of many golf clubs over the years and I even have a putting green and 80 yard tee shots in my own backyard, it was dream of mine to own my own golf course. That finally became a reality and today I am the proud owner of Pembroke Country Club.. If you are ever in the Boston area, be sure to play a round.

Here’s a golf tip for you – check it out.