I Love Fashion

My first nickname “Hollywood” was born in Chicago. I got there when I was 18 and left when I was 27.   During that time, there wasn’t a microphone I didn’t like.  I was a reporter’s dream interview.  I was brash, outspoken and ballsy but my play backed up my BS.   I became a media magnet…and the first player to ever be mic’d during a game.  That created my off ice “personality” and it was unique in the hockey world.  I am not sure there was a personality like mine associated with the sport before I showed up.   I had people tell me that I missed my calling.  I became more comfortable and natural in front of a microphone and a camera.   My interest in television acting started because of my experience in Chicago.  I first appeared on Arli$$ and Days of our Lives and there were many more opportunities that followed. My love for acting and talking continues today.

Then came the nickname “STYLES”……

That moniker was given to me by WALT (Keith Tkachuk) when I played for the Phoenix Coyotes in 1997.  As I mentioned, I was already known as “Hollywood” from my days in Chicago because of of my candid interviews and outrageous personality.  I absolutely love the microphone and I cannot help it!  When I landed in the desert, they were bracing themselves for Hollywood but WALT took one look at my coral sport coat, my Versace shades and my blonde highlighted hair and decided to bury Hollywood and give birth to “Styles”.  Styles became synonymous with loud color, my loud personality and my loud mouth. Styles transcended my choice of designer clothing and became descriptive of my lifestyle, my home, my cars, my parties, my wine, my restaurants, my music, my gambling, and it was how I played on the ice. Loud, no holds bar, all out 100%, work hard, play hard.