I Love Family

I moved to Boston when I was 13 and never thought at that age I would be meeting my wife, Tracy. I met Tracy at Thayer Academy as a Freshman in High School. We became friends instantly and it all moved on from there.  We were engaged after she graduated college when I was playing for the Chicago Blackhawks. We were married in 1992 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston. Tracy has been the most influential person throughout my career for a “book full” of reasons. When I look back and think about the ride and see where we are today, I realize she was my life’s greatest choice.

Tracy managed to move around the country as I switched to different teams, raising a family, running a business, all while maintaining her focus on her riding and training our daughter, Brandi, who has continued on to be one of North America’s Greatest Young Dressage Riders in US History. Brandi has Olympic dreams in the Equestrian Sport called Dressage, and is Living In Germany working as a Professional Rider for one of the Worlds Largest Breeding Farms.
Brett is a Senior at USD, is the Founder of USD’s Hockey Program, and has a very bright future ahead of him When he moves to Manhattan in the Fall of 2020 for his Job in Branding/Licensing for Entertainment and Fashion.