Phoenix Coyotes 2006–2007

Instead, of signing in Calgary Roenick signed a one-year, $1.2 million deal, on July 4, 2006, that sent him back home to the Phoenix Coyotes.

In Phoenix for his second tenure, he scored 28 points in 70 games (a relatively low scoring season for him). His second stint in Phoenix was not without its share of off ice issues as well. On December 12, 2006 Roenick left GM Place after finding out that he had been scratched from the games line up. Roenick went on record saying that he left the arena and the heart of the problem was lack of respect and communication between him and Gretzky.

The next time Roenick was scratched he was more accepting of Gretzky’s decision stating a different mindset following the news that his daughter, Brandi, had been diagnosed with medical issues and had been hospitalized for weeks during Christmas which left Roenick exhausted.

Roenick was in the best shape in the final part of the season showing teams and fans he could still play this game at a high level.

He wanted to stay in Phoenix to be more than just a commodity to sell memorabilia and tickets but that didn’t work out because San Jose Sharks General Manager called his former teammate and made him and offer he couldn’t refuse…